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Sending Files to Sharples

EMAIL FILES to our CAD department at .

- If you have a contact at Sharples, you may copy them as well. Please include the following information in your email:

- A description of content

- Contact person for questions at your business

- Telephone #

- Description of files

- Project information

- In-house date required

- Unique file name (Sharples will save the customer file as it is sent for ease in reorders)

File sizes: Please collect all files into one compressed Zip file. If your compressed zip files are larger than 8MB, please contact us. Please do not send files any larger than 8MB. The file types Sharples accepts:

- DXF*2D only, ASCII (non- binary)

- DWG* 2D only

- Adobe Illustrator (AI, PDF or EPS) CS5 or less

- Artios

- Impact CAD IPD

- CFF2




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