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Technical Partners

Sharples has been advising diecutters for decades. Our experience with the many facets of Steel rule diecutting makes us THE expert in Steel Rule dies. We provide technical service to our customers and offer programs to help enhance their production.

- CAD Designing Assistance

- CAD Produced Samples

- QA Probe Inspection Reports

- Pre-planning of Related tooling to work successfully in production

- Prepress and Makeready Audits

- Inhouse Testing of different materials and gauging Tonnage requirements

- Press Leveling tools

- Tonnage requirement test dies built for industry presses

- Relationships with all major Machine manufacturers

- Designs with Bobst certified software

- A full staff of inhouse of Sales Engineers with experience in all industries

- Mylar and spot sheets

- Industry Standards and Specifications

- Client Access for valued customers with access to our technical Library

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